Monday, September 29, 2008

What Star Trek means to me

No continuation today on the Roy Griswold mystery sci fi story. Didn't have time, I was out the whole day at Octoberfest celebrating a friend of mine late birthday. I had fun.

But I'll try to make an interesting science fiction post despite this, in order to keep through my post a day philosophy.

I'll talk about a Sci Fi series I never really enjoyed: Star Trek. Naturally the show is immensely popular still today and has made an engraving of itself within our culture for many more years to come. Without having watched the series intently or even watching enough to get the overall story I know of the premise, the main characters and even several in jokes. Thats proof of the series popularity when someone who doesn't even watch it knows enough to explain what it was about (just barely).

My main gripe with the Star Trek series is simply the premise and the portrayal of it. Watching an episode it feels somewhat tedious listening to all these people on the ship talking about things I don't understand as well as the fact they don't really bother to explain it to well to me as an audience member. I have not seen the first episode, so perhaps all is explained there, but I have always found other shows to be somewhat self explanatory where you get the gist of the majority of the plot just from seeing the characters interact and behave.

I understand very well that this gives a very incomplete view of the series, and I am obviously missing something from it that makes so many people love and even obsess over it. However, the fact that I don't feel compelled to watch it more rigorously is proof that I don't feel compelled to watch it.

I basically know enough about the show in order to appreciate references to it in other works that I do watch or read more often. And to me, that is impressive in its own right. So hats of Trekkies to a show that even an ignoramus appreciates!

Hopefully I will have written another chapter tomorrow. Cheerio!

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